Back in 2005 the economy was slowing down and a big time boat builder from the world famous race boat company Donzi, had some free time and decided to do what nobody had done before. Take the high speed off shore race boat design and technology that he was uniquely capable of, and use it to build a one of a kind 14 passenger tour boat. Instead of outfitting it with high speed race engines, they used fuel efficient Yanmar turbo diesel engines with huge amounts of torque. This enabled them to have a safe reliable power train that is capable of amazing power and lift off but keeping it at a reasonable top speed safe for passengers and long term reliability for commercial use.

The Sea Rocket is unique due to the one of a kind custom hybrid V hull Catamaran body. This is essential to a comfortable dry stable ride with the ability to go WILD at any moment.

He used the finest materials and workmanship to build approximately 20 of these custom tour boats, then when the economy picked up, he went back to building world class championship winning off shore race boats.

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